About Us

About Flower Valley

FLOWER VALLEY is a school of buds and we help them to give the shape of beautiful flower. Our foundation year is 2005. Flower valley school has completed 12 years of success in developing kids. Flower valley is the valley of happiness. Our is the best pre school in child’s education and has set an unparalleled standard in the education society and will work for coming years to provide nurture to the child.
Flower Valley is a place where life is nurtured. We focused on creation of comprehensive system of high quality childhood education services.

Our staff provides a great adherence to children with special educational and curriculum activities. Our Staff provides a caring and warm atmosphere that leads to all children

Our Aim

To provide a safe, stimulating comfortable, friendly, clean and healthy enviornment to play and learn

To enhance children's intellectual, physical and social development throgh play, curriculum and culural activities and prepare them for school

To respect each child as an individual in regards to their own needs