Center Detail

'FLOWER VALLEY' is an beautiful word that literally means that flower is always very soft, delicate ,colourful. Flowers always give its fragrance and make the atmosphere very beautiful and lively. So we always see the quality of flowers in our tiny tot. -The Play Group, we make every effort to provide a well-rounded development to little minds to prepare them for the real world. We take care for the basic education needed by small kids to take it fast steps towards their next phase of education. We have a group of experienced teachers who help the little minds to understand basic theoretical concepts through practical.

Basic Fundamental Education

Our motto for education is to teach every kid according to his/her needs and capacity. Therefore, all activities are designed keeping in mind the individual learning needs and capabilities of every child. We help kid to upgrade communication skills in languages with the help of several activities.

Interactive games

At our school, we provide fun games to keep kids entertained and help them to improve their skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities has a very important role in the early stage development of kid. We, introduce the kid to the finesse, dance, music, dramatics and fine arts like drawing and painting.

Mid Day Meal

We provide nutritional meal to kids. We try to develop their taste for all kind of meal that supports their physical growth. We developing their table manners also.

Personal Attention

Every child is an asset for our school. We provide 100 percent attention to each child. We are giving evaluation report after 3-4 months.

Video Access

Parents can watch their little ones perform live during activities, celebrations & special events.